Instruments for sale

Viols for Sale

1.Tenor viol (new) String length 55cm.With case £2,400

2.Tenor viol String length 55cm.With case £1,500 (see image below).

Both tenors are scaled down from a John Rose bass viol.

3.Bass viol after John Rose 71cm string length comes with bow made by Roger Rose and hard case £3,750.

4.Small bass after Barak Norman 65cm string length.£1,800.

5.Gasparo da Salo, Renaissance bass viol circa 1590 made in1998 string length 67cm.with hard case.£3,500.

6.Seven string bass after Michal Collichon 69cm string length with carved lions head.Comes with bow made by Roger Rose and MTM case. £4,500.

All instruments are in good condition,well set up with nice tone.

For further information email Anthony Edge.

Tenor Viol

Tenor viol made by Anthony Edge. string length 55cm, based on John Rose Bass viol but scaled down.

Bass Viol

Lu-Mi 6 string Bass viol, Excellent Condition

Hard Case. Landwehr Bow. £4,200. for further information contact Sarah Hill.