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Schuetz: Jauchzet dem Herren parts

Please find attached instrumental parts, vocal score and pronunciation guide for Schutz, Psalm 100, Jauchzet dem Herren, which will be the final tutti piece on Saturday 2nd May.  This session will be led by Sheena Phillips who will also be leading the singers only sessions in the morning.  Sheena has also sent MIDI files for each of the vocal parts plus a full score realisation, if anyone wishes to listen.  Please see below for how the instrumental parts will work with our forces on Saturday.

As for the Gabrieli, it will save time on Saturday if the instumentalists can decide in advance which is their preferred part and let me know.  Again, feel free to print out relevant parts for private practise in advance and bring them with you on Saturday.  But I will make sure I bring copies of all the parts on Saturday, if you are not able to do this.  If you need a part put into a different clef etc, please let Sheena know ASAP (


Here's the guide to which file to look at for which instrument:


Soprano recorder - please play from Trumpet 1 
Alto recorder - please use Alto Recorder (which is based on Trumpet 2)
Tenor recorder - either play Trumpet 1 or play Tenor Recorder B (which is based on Trombone 1)
Bass recorder - either play Bass Recorder A (Trumpet 2) or Bass Trombone  
Great Bass recorder - please play Trombone 1
Contra Bass recorder - please play Bass Trombone

Treble viol - please play Trumpet 2 or Trumpet 1 (whichever they prefer)
Tenor viol - please play Tenor Viol (Trombone 1)
Bass viol - please play Bass Trombone

Tenor and Bass curtals - TBC 


Singers - please use file marked choral_score (make sure to use this one in A4 format) and you are strongly encouraged to listen to jauchzet_pronunciation.mp3

Instrumental doubling of chorus -  

Soprano - soprano recorder can play from schuetz_chorus - Soprano 
Alto - also recorder can play from schuetz_chorus - Alto
Tenor - tenor recorder can play from schuetz_chorus - Tenor
Bass - bass recorder can play from schuetz_chorus - Bass